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Technohull is the most efficient luxury RIB on the market. The company has been building exciting boats since 2005 and has established itself as a manufacturer of quality, high performance RIBs.  All Technohull boats have a sporty deep V-hull, designed by using a proprietary DYNASTREAM technology. Even though the main focus is on R&D on hull design and performance, the company pays close attention to aesthetics as well. These head-turning boats feature slick lines, exceptional gel code color combinations, a variety of upholstery colors and fabrics, and innovative choices of tube colors and materials. The concepts of safety, comfort, versatility, performance, and attention to detail are perfectly integrated into all Technohull boats.

Technohull currently offers five models: Omega 45, Attitude 35, SeaDNA 999 G5, T909, and T688.

The flagship, Omega 45, is a luxury mega RIB which offers sleeping accommodations for two and a full bathroom. This boat is all about comfort, safety, and luxury, but is also capable of reaching a top speed of 91mph on quad 400hp outboard engines.

The bestseller, Techohull SeaDNA 999 G5, is extremely seaworthy. It can reach a top speed of 90mph with twin outboard 400hp engines with exceptional stability.

The remarkable hull design and clever engineering of all Technohull boats provide not only comfort, stability, and speed, but also lower fuel consumption and efficiency compared to models with similar performance characteristics from other manufacturers.

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