EXPLORER 40 2019-11-29T11:31:19+00:00

Project Description


The long awaited Technohull Explorer 40 is finally here. Striking a fine balance between the sporty character of the 999 and the grandeur of the Omega 45, the Explorer 40 offers luxurious accommodations to all aboard, and offers a high cruising speed to get the lucky sailors to their destination.

Multifunctional day boat. Super spacious deck. Protected cockpit. Long distance travelling capabilities, very social spacious deck, a functional center console. Extra-large storage spaces

This boat would be ideal as a superyacht chase tender. Can follow at any distance, any sea condition. Full tube fender all around perfect protection when docking aside.

Very elegant contemporary design, true sport performance and an athletic heart combined to a truly wide spacious deck, accommodates many people, offers the functional center console with sleeping capability for two plus a private headroom.